Plate Surrender

In Nevada you are required to surrender your License Plates within 60 days.

If you sell your vehicle.

If your car is totaled. If plates can not be removed from the vehicle, you must fill out a Lost or Stolen License Plate Affidavit. It must be notarized.

If you plan on Dropping your Insurance (Does not apply to Trailers) Do yourself a huge favor. DO NOT CANCEL OR LET YOUR INSURANCE LAPSE before surrendering your Plates. Your Insurance Company is Required by Nevada Law to report all Lapses and Cancellations to the Nevada DMV. Fines Range From $250.00-$1750.00 Drivers License Suspension and may be required to carry an SR22 for 3 Years.

There are 2 ways you can Surrender your Plates.

1. Drive to the Nevada DMV. Park. Wait in Line to get a Number sit and wait. You could spend hours and will have wasted a day of your life.

2. Call DMV Made Easy have us come pick them up, we do everything for you, or come by our location outside the W Flamingo DMV and drop them off or visit our new Location at 8615 W. Flamingo Rd Las Vegas, NV 89147 inside the 76 Gas Station. On the South West corner of Flamingo and Durango. Either way you will spend less then 2 minutes with us.

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